Skånska Spritfabriken

In the heart of Skåne lies the internationally multi-award winning liquor destillery “Skånska Spritfabriken”. The destillery produces quality spirits and mixers made from the very soil wich the destillary is located on. With its refined destillary techniques and unique raw materials Skånska Spritfabriken has quickily been labeled as a producer of world-class beverages.


The idea of starting a destillary began with the many apple trees located on the property, what should be done with all of the excess apples? Jam and cider is very typical for the area but Jan Rothman decided on liquor, Swedish Calvados.

Todaday Jan looks to build Skånska Spritfabriken into a household name and asked us to be apart of the journey.


In order to gain attraction and thereby collect investment on their crowdfunding on FundedByMe we started by setting up a strategy for the different target audiences. In order to maximize the use of the advertising budget we took use of Facebook Pixel, and set up different campaigns extracted from that data.

We spent lots of time trimming and improving the visual aspect of the campaigns in order to see what worked on what people. Thereafter we continuosly updated the texts and visuals to further lower the conversion costs.


By letting people of genuine intrest of the craft have a chance to invest was a clear homerun we were also able to offer a chance to the more simple people to fufill a dream, a dream to be co-owning a destillary.


We managed to collect investments 518% over their initial investment goal (SEK 600,000) and had a total turnover of SEK 3,500,000 (max. goal reached). We lowered their conversion costs drastically and managed to trim their cost of conversion to 1,44-1,67 kr per click.

The ads for this campaign ranked far above average according to Facebook Ad Manager compared to others advertising for the same category and target audience.

Total audience reached was 850 000+ people, with 25 478 link clicks on a SEK 49 860kr budget.