MBJ Design

During the second world war multiple underground shelters were built to protect the military and civilians from foreign airstrikes. Since 1996 these shelters has been the main residence of the exclusive and minimalistic designer brand, MBJ Design. This is his story.


MBJ Designs philosophy was, and is to this day, to put minimalism in focus and to introduce new and daring materials to the bigger mass. The result? A brand identity that fits the product they deliver.


At MBJ Design we set out to do a re-branding, to develop and evolve the brands future and set its new standard/handprint in the world of minimalistic craftmanship.

By remaking MBJs online store, updating the picture-portfolio and made a new logo, MBJ Design now reflects its unique story and work to the public eye.


The story of Mats and MBJ is a story worth telling. The idea of a rebranding came from the unique setting and materials that MBJ operate in. How a man dove head first in to a World War II cave to express his passion for his minimalstic craftmanship and the raw material we know as concrete.