Necitos ongoing climate work.

Necito Reklambyrå proudly announces that it has entered into a negative emission pre-purchase agreement with Nordic DAC Group. Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a new climate tool that capture carbon dioxide directly from the air, then stores it safely and permanently.

Climate change already affects millions of people. Extreme droughts, forest fires, flooding and melting glaciers. It has a devastating impact on agriculture and food security and is creating millions of climate refugees. The UN Climate Panel (IPCC) has made it clear that the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide is necessary to mitigate climate change.

Aggressive emission reductions are essential, as is large-scale carbon removal. If the climate is neglected, we increase the risk of reaching that catastrophic and irreversible tipping point of beyond two degrees Celsius.

“We are looking forward to working with Necito to get our message out. Removing carbon dioxide will require millions of companies to achieve removal on a giga scale, so it’s essential to begin removal commitments today,” says Mikael Bergvall, CEO of Nordic DAC Group.

“The good news is that right now we have reached a historical tipping point. Customers, employees and stakeholders are driving the demand for voluntary carbon markets. This enables the acceleration of DAC development and atmospheric capture that is required to reverse global climate change,” continues Bergvall.

Read more abbout DAC removal and Nordic DAC Groups ongoing work to make a better future for anyone, and how you can tribute.

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