Nordic DAC Group

Nordic Dac Group with its revolutionare technology is on a mission to save our planet. By finding an actual home for the carbon dioxide polotion the paths to a healthier earth looks a lot greener.


Nordic Dac Group has set out to solve the problem everybody wants to solve. By building and operating Direct Air Capture plants the ongoing issue with carbon dioxide takes a step in the right direction.


At MBJ Design we set out to do a re-branding, to develop and evolve the brands future and set its new standard/handprint in the world of minimalistic craftmanship.

By remaking MBJs online store, updating the picture-portfolio and made a new logo, MBJ Design now reflects its unique story and work to the public eye.


The story of Mats and MBJ is a story worth telling. The idea of a rebranding came from the unique setting and materials that MBJ operate in. How a man dove head first in to a World War II cave to express his passion for his minimalstic craftmanship and the raw material we know as concrete.


We managed to collect investments 518% over their initial investment goal (SEK 600,000) and had a total turnover of SEK 3,200,000. We lowered their conversion costs drastically and managed to trim their cost of conversion to 1,44-1,67 kr per click.

The ads for this campaign ranked far above average according to Facebook Ad Manager compared to others advertising for the same category and target audience.

Total audience reached was 848 060 people, with 25 478 link clicks on a SEK 48 860 budget.